BrandBacker Member 5 Reasons Why You Should Give Online Dating Another Try

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Online Dating Another Try

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

It used to carry quite a stigma – you’d get some raised eyebrows if you admitted that you and your partner had met online. Now, however, it’s becoming increasingly common. A 2017 study reported than 39% of heterosexual American couples met through the internet, and with sites to suit all tastes and requirements, from arab dating sites to those for people who work in the military, there’s no reason not to make yourself a profile and start swiping! Below, you’ll find five reasons that, even if you’re late to the online dating game, it’s never too late to give it a go.

1.) You can vet people before you meet them to avoid any initial awkward conversations. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than realising before the drinks have even arrived that you and Colin who works in accounts are never going to be a match made in heaven. With online dating, you’ve got a much better chance of meeting someone whose interests and tastes align with your own from the get-go.


2.) There are (hopefully) only single people to choose from. We’ve all been in the situation – you meet someone, you think you’re hitting it off, there’s sparks flying left right and center, only for you to discover an hour into a great chat that they’re actually happily partnered up. With a dating website or app, there shouldn’t be that worry and, if you find out someone on there is actually cheating, you can swipe them away with a click of the mouse.


3.) It’s time efficient. Ok, so probably not the sexiest reason to learn