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What To Do When You're No Longer Compatible

Friday, November 15, 2019

For some couples, a lifetime together simply isn’t possible. Though your marriage has been a success for a time, growing apart is a natural consequence for some. The truth is that while most couples imagine themselves staying together forever, time changes us all and we can’t be stuck in the same moment for our entire lives. 


Divorce is an ugly word that tends to assume a fault in one partner. This is a real shame because many couples choose to separate amicably and could settle the legal stuff like Spousal Support Agreements quite quickly if it weren’t for finding fault. So what can you do to keep the peace and separate calmly?

Express Your Feelings

Before you even get to the “d-word,” it’s really important that you talk to your partner. While you might think that you are no longer compatible and so much is obvious, it may still come as a shock. So, instead of making the decision alone, it’s a good idea to have an open and honest conversation about your feelings.


For some couples, talking about emotions can be difficult - especially if you haven’t done so in years. However, understanding each other more clearly requires this kind of talk. Take your time, try not to be accusatory and listen closely. It’s very possible that separation isn’t what you need at all - you simply need to