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How To Go Back to the Workplace After Having Kids

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Deciding whether to return to work after having a baby can be one of the toughest decisions any new parent makes. Aside from any financial problems that putting a child in day care might cause, there’s the guilt about leaving the new addition versus the worry that you might lose who you are as an individual without doing the thing that you thrive on. Well, below you’ll find some ideas and tips on how to ease back into the workplace without feeling as if you’re completely at sea.

There’s No Such Thing as Completely Ready

Did you feel 100% ready to have a baby when you found out one was on the way? Like most people, you probably decided to start trying when you maybe weren’t completely ready but were ready enough. It’s exactly the same principle with going back to work. There will never be a moment where you feel absolutely ready, so gauge it at about the 80% mark and you are probably as ready as you’ll ever be to head back into the office.


Reconnect and Get Your Finger Back on the Pulse

There’s nothing worse than walking back into the office after an extended time away and feeling like your completely new. Reach out to your co-workers and see if they want to go for drinks or meet for lunch before your return date so you can catch up with everything that’s been happening. You can also touch base with your boss to see if a return-to-work meeting is possible, so you’re up-to-speed with any changes that have taken place.


Acknowledge Your New Skills

Life as a parent is hard. You may have had a pretty skilled profession in your pre-parenthood life, ba