BrandBacker Member How To Make Self Care A Lifestyle, Not Just A Hashtag

How To Make Self Care A Lifestyle, Not Just A Hashtag

Friday, November 8, 2019

When hoping to care for yourself in the best manner possible, it’s important to understand that these decisions are a lifestyle, not just an accessory. Of course, you likely understand this. However, it can be hard to consider ourselves as the kind of person who would attend the gym at 6 am every day, or if we really need to stick to a diet for so long, or when pledging to remove alcohol from our lives, to actually avoid it during that business award ceremony we must attend.

Of course, we will certainly never suggest you have to live by an extremely strict regimen to the point where you have to sap all of the fun out of self-care, nor do you have to do any of the three previous examples to live a healthy and full life. In fact, making self-care a lifestyle is often propped up by those little decisions that, regularly applied, can quickly turn not just into a habitual process but something that comprises your identity.


A Morning Routine

Your morning routine dictates your day. It may not seem like that, but remember, waking up a little later than usual and feeling groggy, eating poorly, or sitting around on the computer before you even open your curtains can lead you to start your day with stagnant energy that you’re usually not that fond of. It’s often infinitely better to have some kind of routine for your morning, such as stretching, taking in deep breaths, heading outside to ponder the world for a few moments as you wake up, or preparing that golden cup of coffee. When it’s regular and reliable, you have the best chance of a great morning as part of your daily lifestyle.

Demand Better

Demand better from the services you use. If you find that your gym does not allow 24-hour access but one a little further out does, then it can be used investing in a recurring subscription there in order to make this more convenient for your schedule. The same goes for clinics that have