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How to Fully Accept Yourself

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Accept yourself for who you are. Can you do that? Just thinking about how you’d even begin can be confusing. Try very hard, and you might start feeling as if there’s something wrong with you. We all object to ourselves in various ways, and often, we object to doing that as well. Can a confidence person still be aware of their flaws, or do they cross the line into arrogance if they fail to do so?

This thought experiment can be tiring, and it rarely draws real answers. However, this isn’t to say this pursuit is fruitless. You just need to go about things in the right way, and treat some of the causes of failing to accept yourself, rather than trying to correct the symptoms. In the following post, we hope to help you accept yourself in the best possible light, maybe even giving you a few measures to enact these tips and to do so in a healthy, sustainable manner.


After all, you certainly deserve it, right?


Celebrate Yourself

Why not focus on celebrating yourself? We may think that this is something out of the ordinary, but it’s important to do this once in a while. There’s no need to be arrogant about it, but to calmly celebrate who you are and express that is important. It’s why so many attend Pride festivals each year. It’s why some people enjoy heading out into a beautiful sunflower field and having a mini amateur photoshoot with their friends. It’s why they might take a selfie during a special occasion, or when they’re feeling proud about their outfit. It’s so easy to label people who do this as flawed in some respect - that is, until you do it yourself. Then you’ll understand completely.

Work On Your Flaws

Working on your flaws is a fantastic means of accepting yourself. After all, if you know you are working on the parts of yourself you dislike, you needn’t dislike them anymore. If we are used to one thing, it’s a work-in-progress. Remember, that’s all we ever are. So you may be a little rude from time to time, or remain quick to anger, or are a little prone to being sensitive. Are you working on it, genuinely, through talking about it, hypnosis or by taking practical action? Then you can give yourself a little break and this anxiety will dissipate.


Utilize Your Strengths