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Simple Changes to Make Your Life Happier

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Everyone wants to be happier - of course we do! But achieving happiness isn’t so simple. Everyone likes different things and we all find joy in different places. This makes deciding how to change things in your own life to be happier much more difficult. 


Where should you start?

Examine Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is made up of every habit you have, your work schedule, your social life, your home life, what you eat - you name it, it’s a part of your lifestyle. The thing is that you probably aren’t really aware of what your lifestyle is. 


Taking a moment to examine your lifestyle requires a lot of honesty with yourself. It might be worth keeping a diary of your activity as this will require you to be honest with what you have done with your day and give you a space to start seeing behavioral patterns. For example, people who track what they eat tend to eat more healthily over time as a result of becoming aware. 


Once you are aware of your bad habits, it’s important that you don't see yourself as a failure and stop trying. Instead, try to kick one bad habit at a time and take it slow. For example, you might start by deciding to quit smoking in favor of an e-cigarette and nicotine juice. Over a few months, you can gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine to wean yourself away from the addiction. This is much more likely to succeed than going cold turkey and will prove that you have the willpower you need to tackle the next change.

Look After Yourself 

Some of us aren’t very good at looking after ourselves. We allow our lifestyles to whisk us away, prioritizing the wrong things and getting stressed out by our responsibilities. This is incredibly common in today’s society and it’s difficult to break the cycle. But while we might know what our self-care essentials are for short term happiness, we don’t necessarily know what we should be doing to make things better long term.