BrandBacker Member 5 Things To Look For When House Hunting

5 Things To Look For When House Hunting

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Buying a new house is something that is a lot of fun. Because they are big clean canvases that we can colour with our lives to our heart’s content. We fill our homes with things we love, the art we enjoy looking at, we raise our children and realise our dreams in them. There is a lot more to a home than just the bricks. But when you are looking for a new home, there should be some things that you pay attention to so that you don’t get blindsided by the gorgeous kitchen - but miss the fact you will live next to the dump. 



There are a couple of essential things to think about when you are talking houses. Location is one of them. You can probably live with almost any imperfect in the house, but when it comes to where you live - it will soon annoy you. You can change the colour, the kitchen and the garden - you can change the surroundings. So really consider what you want. Always search ‘new home builders near me’ when you first start looking because you never know what gems are on the horizon.


If you are moving relatively close to where you live now, you already have a feel for the locals. You know their quirks (and all towns and cities have them), and you probably already have some friendly neighbours or at least are on the ‘hello’ basis with a few. When you leave that behind, you are never sure about the locals. Your neighbours might be the neighbours from hell, and you aren’t going to know unless you talk to them. So when checking out the houses, speak to people in the area and see what kind of vibes you get.



You might only need 2 bedrooms now, but in 5 years time do you want more children, and office? Maybe a walk-in wardrobe. You should be buying for your future as well as your right now. Falling in love with a house that is a bit too small is alright - if it already has planning permission and you had the cash to build.


If you love to cook or have a lot of family that like to come over to eat, then don’t skimp on your kitchen. While the trade-off for a bigger living room might feel okay initially, you will probably find yourself a bit sad with the lack of space. If you are lucky, then the kitchen spac