BrandBacker Member 4 Ways To Insulate Your Windows for the Winter

4 Ways To Insulate Your Windows for the Winter

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Uninsulated windows can be a major source of heat loss. Even with the windows shut, heat still finds its way out through the glass. To keep your home warmer longer and save money on your energy bills, here are a few different ways in which you can prevent heat being lost through your home’s windows.

Invest in Double-Glazing

60% of the heat lost through a regular window can be contained by switching to double-glazed windows. Double-glazing works by using two panes of glass instead of one, which are separated by a heat-proof gas such as argon to help further improve insulation. The technology has come a long way since its inception and there are now even triple-glazed options on the market. While looking into double-glazing, you may also want to replace the frames with either PVC or hardwood options. This will also reduce heat loss – particularly if you currently have aluminium frames. To install new windows, you should always hire a professional company such as Renewal by Andersen. DIY window replacement is not recommended unless you’ve had training.


Try Window Insulating Film

Window insulating film is a budget option to double-glazing and could be better suited to those in rented accommodation who may not have the permission to invest in double-glazing. One of the most popular products in Penjerex insulating film, which is clear and relatively easy to apply. This insulating film can prevent up to 35% heat loss. You may be able to buy custom-fitted rolls of this film for large windows.

Buy Winter Curtains

A thick pair of winter curtains is the most traditional form of insulation. Drawing your curtains on a cold evening could cut heat loss by as much as 60%. Together with double glazing, you could prevent as much as 90% heat loss. A good pair of winter curtains should be floor length and thermally lined. Companies like Dunelm have a great selection of thick winter curtains in a variety of designs. Make sure to take these down in summer and replace them with lighter curtains, otherwise your home will get very warm.


Install Shutters