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It's Time to Step Up Into That Leadership Position

Friday, September 27, 2019

So many people set up a small company, either because they have a great idea, or they want to be in charge of a group of people. Being a leader is not just about barking orders at others, it's about understanding what makes you a person that inspires, motivates, and keeps a ship from sinking. Being a leader, especially if you don't feel we have the appropriate skills, isn’t always about reading the right books, but it's about developing yourself to embody that role. How can we start to be the leader that we want to be?

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Look At Your Competition

The reality is far different from what we have imagined in our heads. The sooner we get to grips with who is out there and what we are up against, the better. We can do this very simply by starting to network or conduct an executive job search to see the type of duties and responsibilities expected of a major leader, but we also need to remember the people that are competing for the same roles as us. You could do one of two things at this point; either learn to embody the traits of the people that have come before you, or be a trailblazer and rally against them. Being a leader isn't about strong and powerful imagery all of the time, but it's about those leaders that have an inherent human quality. Look at someone like Abraham Lincoln, someone who listened to others. The personality aspects can come later on, but to begin with, when you start to see who i