BrandBacker Member How Do You Approach Dating When You're Extremely Tired Of Dating?

How Do You Approach Dating When You're Extremely Tired Of Dating?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dating: the word can bring out excitement in some, fear in others, absolute boredom in someone else. Not matter who you are, the idea of dating holds some nerves for you, as well as memories you may or may not wish to recall. It seems everyone has a bad date story, from false teeth falling into the soup, to getting their name wrong, to our seemingly perfect date showing their true colors in being rude to the waiter.

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We all know the dating circuit by now. But how do you approach dating when you’re extremely tired of it? Or perhaps even when you’ve been through that scene a few times before, and are returning after a marriage or a long hiatus? Is it possible to get through this process in one piece, without wanting to yell profanities from the rooftops?


We would suggest that yes, actually, that is more than possible. With the following advice in tow, you are sure to better your approach when it comes to dating, giving you the best results from now into the future:


Prioritize Convenience

These days, dating is more than just trying to have someone headhunt single people within your circle of extended friends or colleag