BrandBacker Member A Guide To Building A Healthy Friendship With An Ex

A Guide To Building A Healthy Friendship With An Ex

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sometimes, romantic relationships just don’t work out. Priorities change, goals become incompatible, and you both realize that the best thing to do is to go your separate ways. 


For some former couples, the end of the relationship is the end of their interaction with one another; they won’t speak again, and neither party is interested in continuing to be involved in each other’s lives. Other exes, however, will want to preserve a friendship, or the fact they share a child means they will need to continue to be in each other's lives. If you fall into the second category and want to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex, then here are a few tips that can help you do just that.

1) Set Your Boundaries 

During a relationship, couples become reliant on one another; they begin to think as a “we” and share problems and tasks between them. This behavior, however, needs to cease when the relationship ends; and this should happen as soon as you break up. If your ex needs to find a new place to live or help with father's rights in the aftermath of the break up and asks for your assistance, then simply remind them that that isn’t your role anymore. Doing this can be a shock to both of you, but it’s a boundary that needs to be established. You can still be in one another’s lives, and in many cases you can even be friends, but the partner role is no longer something you can fulfil for each other.