BrandBacker Member Signs You Are Pushing Your Body Way Too Hard at the Gym

Signs You Are Pushing Your Body Way Too Hard at the Gym

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Pushing yourself at the gym is the best way for you to get the physical results you’re looking for, but are you taking things too far? It can be easy to think more pain, more gain is the only way to go but you could really be doing some damage to your body. There's no shame in slowing down or lifting less.


Let's take a look and find out how well you're treating your body at the gym.

You Dread Your Workouts

Working out should be fun, so if you aren’t loving it then it’s time to find out why. Sure, you have days when you might struggle to get the motivation you need but when you put on the music and start sweating, you’ll soon feel better. If this doesn’t happen then this could indicate that you need to either work out less or switch things up. If you don’t, then you may end up compromising your health and this is the last thing that you need.


You’re Sore

Most people believe that they have to be sore after they have done a workout. Being sore isn’t a good indicator of progress, and it’s not something that you should have to deal with every single day. So if you are months or even weeks into a workout routine and you are still finding yourself limping then there’s probably something really wrong with your workout. Feeling sore 24-48 hours after a workout is normal, but if it lingers more than this then you could have a workout injury. If the problem lies with your neck then it may be worth visiting an ENT doctor, as your workout could be exacerbating an underlying injury that is nothing to do with your fitness routine.

Your Joints Hurt

Workout injuries can certainly affect muscles but they also affect the joints too. If you ever feel any kind of pain in your joints, then you need to stop whatever you are doing right away, and you also need to change up your routine too. It may even be worth taking some time off from your workout as this can