BrandBacker Member Are You Moving For The Right Reasons?

Are You Moving For The Right Reasons?

Thursday, August 29, 2019

What are ‘the right reasons’ to move? Well, we might think that perhaps moving away to a place you enjoy is as valid a reason as any other, and that’s because it is. We might also list moving for a job or to get an education, or, sometimes, to be rid of a toxic home situation. Seeking new beginnings can also be a valid means of opening the next chapter of your life. There is of course absolutely nothing wrong with this.

However, it can be that while these reasons are valid, the emotions or planning preceding them are not as worthwhile as you think. How do you know if your reasons have a stable ground to them, or if you can expect success from now into the future? Well, any move will come with the risk of feeling like you’ve made the wrong decision, and yet of course you can make the most of anything if given the chance. We would like to offer some advice to help you through this, potentially helping you move on sturdier ground than you might have otherwise:


Do You Picture A Lifestyle?

Do you picture a new lifestyle when there, or are you simply wishing to move away anywhere that looks pretty? Of course, you needn’t have your entire schedule planned out with perfect financial accuracy, or have even any idea of what you might be doing a year from now. But without at least some kind of idea of how you’ll gain income, what social efforts you’ll make and how you’ll acclimate to the new environment, you are simply thinking in a shallow manner.


Consider moving to Melbourne, something incredible that many people wish to do. The stunning environment speaks for itself, but if you aren’t willing to grapple with the culture and care for building a life there, you may just be thinking on the level of its beauty. While something that can impress you in a lifelong manner, a lifestyle requires more than that. When you factor in the practicalities of your move as the baseline reason for heading to a new home, you have your priorities in order.

Are You Moving To Escape Hardship?

It could be that due to experience domestic abuse, of following bad habits with a worse social circle, or the fact that you’re just sick of living in the city or a rural village where no one happens, you begin planning your escape route. But solely wishing to escape is not always a positive reason. Of course, in the case of domestic abuse, planning a new life to escape to can be worthwhile. But it should never come, with its slow progression, before addressing the issue by speaking to authorities or connecting with those who truly care about you. A life should be built for a positive future, not to escape a negative past. Both of these things can be combined of course, but be sure you’re at least aiming somewhere you wish to go.