BrandBacker Member Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental Property

Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental Property

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Short-term rentals give people the freedom to travel more, change jobs, or even grow a family. However, living in a temporary place doesn't mean that your home cannot be personalized to fit in with your personality. Without having to commit to a complete decor overhaul (and possibly losing your security deposit), here are a few simple tips and hacks to make your space truly YOU-nique.  

Window Shades

Using window shades in the home is an economical, yet effective way of changing its appearance from both the inside and the outside. They create beautiful light patterns at different points of the day. The shades available at this honeycomb shades company are versatile and stylish-- adding an extra bit of privacy and comfort to your home, without taking too much natural light from the rooms. Try utilizing sheer curtains in addition to the shades for added depth and texture to your window space.


Faux Flowers 

Everybody loves flowers. They can really amp up the happiness factor in a home with a variety of shapes, colors and shades to fit the mood of each room in the house. Although buying new bunches of flowers on a weekly basis can add $$ to your budget. There are a variety of realistic-looking faux flowers on the market these days. From delicate silk orchids to bright and fun sunflowers, the possibilities are endless. For added drama, try making a removable flower wall. They add fun to your rooms, as well as being the perfect backdrop for photos.



With a variety of styles available on the market, mirrors can be a design feature of their own accord: Think large, antique-style mirror frames that add to the illusion of grandeur to even the most neutral walled rental apartment. Additionally, they use lighting to make your rooms look twice their size if positioned effectively. Mir