BrandBacker Member Would Your Loved One Appreciate A Vintage Engagement Ring?

Would Your Loved One Appreciate A Vintage Engagement Ring?

Thursday, August 8, 2019

If you are planning to get married to the girl of your dreams, you will probably have a good idea about what type of jewellery/fashion she prefers, but with something as important as an engagement ring you need to be absolutely sure. There are a few things you need to ask yourself and also a few things you need to ask her. Would she actually like a vintage engagement ring? It’s one thing adopting a vintage style for a night out or a certain occasion but to wear a vintage ring all the time? You can also indirectly draw her attention to vintage jewellery and try to get an opinion. It’s not easy, but crucial if you are going to make the right choice.

Where To Find A Vintage Engagement Ring?


The places where you can find a selection of vintage jewellery are as wide and varied as the jewellery on offer. You can find them at antique shops, country fairs, even car boot sales but for the widest choice you could look for vintage engagement rings Sydney shops like Kalmar Antiques are selling. These types of shops are generally specialists in their field and can also give you some background information as to the origins of the jewellery, who knows they may be able to find you a really special vintage engagement ring that you instinctively know will be perfect. When visiting these shops, it is worth asking questions as the staff will, in all likelihood, approach their profession with a passion and will be happy to share some of their knowledge with you.