BrandBacker Member Nine Ways To Manifest More Love In Your Life

Nine Ways To Manifest More Love In Your Life

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Being single doesn’t mean your life can’t be full of love. You can fill your life with love for yourself, love for your family and love for your friends. Opening your heart and your life to let love in could even help you make some room for romantic life, even if you’re used to being single.

1. Bring love in by showing love to yourself. Make sure you’re practising self-care to take the best care of yourself. Talk to yourself the way you would your best friend; avoid negative talk about your own body or character. Instead, focus on the parts of yourself you are proud of, whether that’s a generous nature or a beautiful eye color. Care for yourself as you would a small child; eat healthier, take time for play and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Love for yourself attracts more love from others.


2. Put your wants out into the universe. If romance is something you want, make a list (this can be a mental list or a physical one) of everything you want in a romantic relationship. Don’t write down physical attributes or the names of anyone specific, but instead focus on the nature of the relationship. You could list things like a lot of laughter, adventure together and a sense of love and security. Putting out what you want helps you focus on the right kind of romance.


3. Let go of pressure. Society tells women that to have value, they need to be in a relationship, but this is simply not true. Let go of outside pressure to be in a relationship and remember that your life can be full and satisfying as a single person. Whether you choose to focus on career, family, friendships or hobbies, your life can bring you great joy just as it is.