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Hacks For A Green and Energy Efficient Home

Thursday, July 11, 2019

As the issue of protecting our earth increases in criticality by the day, you’ll likely be looking for ways that you can make your home more energy sufficient for you and your family. Looking for eco-friendly solutions is not just of high importance to the environment, but it's also vital if you’re looking to save yourself some money in the long run. If you’ve already adopted some earth-loving practices about your home and are stuck on what to do next, here come some ideas to help make for a greener and more energy-efficient household. 

Switch Up Your Energy Provider 

There’s certainly a trend toward opting for renewable energy sources to power the home (and we sure aren’t complaining)! Solar panels can be installed upon your roof and function to power your house using the sun. These panels work via the use of photovoltaic cells which work to convert the sun into electricity. While you pay for the installation costs, after this initial investment, you’ll see a reduction in the costs of your energy bills. 


Consider Your Lighting 

Natural light has long been associated with better mental and physical health and its ability to lift our spirits, so open the curtains and let in the sun! Try only to turn on your lights if this is completely necessary (though we’re not suggesting that you live in darkness)! In addition to this, ensure that your house is entirely kitted out with LED bulbs, as opposed to older traditional bulbs that are less energy efficient. LEDs are a popular option because they use around 90% less power when compared to incandescent bulbs. LEDs will last much longer also, which means that you’re saving more money and energy in general because you won’t have to replace them too often. 

Consider Your Windows 

When it comes to the home, if your windows aren’t all shipshape, you could be wasting energy and money both. If you feel a draft through your windows, this could mean that they are not sealed efficiently. It may also mean that they are not new or high quality enough to be energy saving. If you can hear too much noise from the outside, or can see condensation on your windows, this is also likely the case. Vacaville Window by Anderson specialise in many different types of window replacements that are energy efficient and durable, so they are well worth a look if you think your windows are too old or have any issues.