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How To Set Healthy Habits For Your Family

Monday, July 8, 2019

Our families are our most precious assets, and we all want to raise happy, healthy little humans who can go out into the world and do great things. The trouble is, if we haven't always had the healthiest habits ourselves, we may lack the tools to ensure that we set the next generation up better. Committing to a healthy family existing is not just one huge decision - it's a series of smaller commitments every single day. However, it can be a fantastic opportunity to overhaul our own lifestyle at the same time as teaching out kids how to look after themselves. Taking a team approach is all about agreeing boundaries, supporting each other, aiming for balance - and knowing when to call in your primary care doctor

Create A Breakfast Routine

Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast has a huge range of benefits that get your family's day off to a brilliant start - from stopping the calorie-laden mid-morning snack attack, to kick starting your metabolism, replenishing your energy levels and giving you more mental focus. Make mornings easier by creating a set menu of go-to options, from scrambled eggs on sourdough toast to fruit salad with Greek yoghurt or oatmeal with banana and almond butter. Eat together if you can, but if schedules mean that someone is running out of the door, a solution like overnight oats done in the slow cooker or a frozen smoothie can be a great option.