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3 Inspiring Couples That Overcame The Odds To Find Love

Monday, June 3, 2019

If life is all about the little things, then nothing beats that call from a girlfriend looking for a night away from the kids. But it’s not because I love the club. It’s because I love playing ‘Aunty Alana’, having the company of my favourite little people, stocking the cupboards with crazy flavors of popcorn and putting on a Disney film and, on this occasion, we popped on the new Beauty and the Beast, which is when a light bulb came on: Belle and the Beast are proof life is awesome when couples manage to beat the odds and break through the toughest relationship hurdles out there.


Just think about it for a moment. She’s a quirky small village girl who loves books and adventure and loathes every man she’s met, and he’s, well, a really hairy bison who talks to the furniture in his haunted castle. If that’s not a hurdle then I don’t know what is.

Of course, it’s also a fairy tale conjured up by some of Hollywood’s highest-paid hacks. Not to mention a drop in the ocean compared to what real-life couples have to overcome, whether that be a long-distance relationship, not being able to conceive or even something like an alcohol addiction (sorry if that turned a little heavy a little too quickly).


The big question is, how do these real-life couples manage to enjoy the sort of happily ever after we’re constantly fed by romantic novels, rom-com movies and glossy magazines? Well, to help you answer this question in the most real way possible, we got up and out and asked a bunch of committed couples in long-term relationships to tell us their story in the hope it might inspire you to overcome whatever massive obstacles you might be facing and find a way to make your own love story blossom. Enjoy.


1. “I Don’t Date Separated Men”