BrandBacker Member Where Is That Smell Coming From?

Where Is That Smell Coming From?

Thursday, June 27, 2019

At least once in your life you will experience a funky smell coming from your home. It could be a piece of moldy food underneath your sofa, it might be bird feces on your window sill, it might be just an old carpet that hasn’t had the life beat out of it. There are a million different reasons why that strange and off putting smell is making itself comfortable in your home but one of them is, because you’re letting it! Smells will eventually become a stench and it will be even harder to get rid of that. So don’t let it evolve in your home because you will have to fight it everywhere to get it out. But the trouble is, we are not born with smell-vision. Yes, that’s a tragedy in itself but we aren’t superhuman so we will have to make do with just our regular senses. That’s where people run into problems because just locating the smell is the first challenge, then dealing with it is the second.



The art of deduction.

So you have a strange smell in your home but can't figure out from where it is eminiating? You’ll have to do the one by one test. This consists of leaving the windows open of just one room overnight. Don’t open it all the way for security reasons by definitely leave them all open for at least 12 hours. Then after a duration of time come back into the room and close them all. Wait for an hour or so, if you can’t smell anything then chances are that the smell isn’t coming from that home. Then you can move onto the next room and then the next after that. Slowly but surely you will find the room that is causing the bad smell throughout the house.


How does the test work? Well, our brains have gotten used to the smell in our own house. Notice how you’re more likely to notice the bad smell when we you walk back into your home after a day of work? It's because our brains have temporarily wiped away our familiarity with the smell of our house and then we are introduced to the smell for the first time again. You have to get unused to the smell of your own house first before you can cipher the bad smell from just a normal smell like that of a leather sofa.



Check in the hidden spots.