BrandBacker Member Why Dating Without Strings Isn't As Bad As You've Been Told​

Why Dating Without Strings Isn't As Bad As You've Been Told​

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Not everyone wants to be in a long-term relationship right now and that’s completely okay. You shouldn’t shame them for it. There are levels to this dating thing. You don’t have to be a relationship to be happy but everyone needs some sort of companionship.


Being in your dating phase means you’re just making a transition. You don’t need strings tying you down right now. You need fun in the sun, or in the club, or at the bar. You’ll probably end up having more fun than some of your friends, honestly.

Dating without strings doesn’t you’re just running around these streets acting crazy. Being single is just a part of life. We all have to go through it at some point and being comfortable in it is so important for self-esteem and self-worth.


If you’ve found yourself in your single phase, YOU GO GLEN COCO! This is your time to shine, boo. Don’t let anybody tell you to settle down. This post is all for you (and your friends and fam who think you’re doing life wrong).


Here’s all the reasons your single phase is one of the best times of your life.


You Don’t Have to Answer to Anybody

I loved this part of being single. There were no “where you at” text, people checking up on me, or asking me to do anything I didn’t really want to do. I was strictly able to be my own person and not have to explain it to anybody. The joys and confidence that can bring you when you’re growing into a new phase in life are far too precious to give up for someone you aren’t head over heels for.