BrandBacker Member Modern Design Features That Look Amazing In The Home

Modern Design Features That Look Amazing In The Home

Friday, May 17, 2019

Modern houses definitely have their ups and downs. On the one hand, they look pretty stunning. They can be designed in unique ways that really make them stand out from older homes, and they come with plenty of innovations, too. But, they're also known for sometimes being poorly built, meaning they don't always last long before problems occur.


Today, we're focusing on some of the good parts of modern home design - mainly, the fantastic design features that are so good we'd love to have them in our own homes!

Unconventional Roofing

If you look at old homes, the roofing is all pretty much the same. They all use the same tiles and materials, and the shape of the roof is your typical triangular angle. With modern homes, one feature that really looks great is the unconventional roofing style. You see ones that are unconventional colors, and you see ones that are different angles, levels, or materials. The result is that your roof looks different to other ones around it, so it stands out and looks unique. Granted, this isn't technically a feature 'in' your home, but it's still a modern design trend that would look brilliant added to yours.</