BrandBacker Member This Is For The First Time Drivers: Safety First!

This Is For The First Time Drivers: Safety First!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

In fact, this could apply to all the drivers out there. Accidents certainly are not limited to first-timers, where according to driver, 3 million people are injured from car accidents every year in the U.S, and 90 people die per day as a result of a car accident.

Of course, some unforeseen circumstances may cause you to swerve a squirrel, or cause your car to be pushed around by strong winds, which may create an incident that could be deemed out of your control. However, these incidents won't count for every single accident, a lot are caused by people. For a few tips on what to or what not to do as a first-time driver, here's a few pointers to make sure that on your side at least, you're doing the best you can as a new driver on the road.


Take It Easy

It may be tempting as a new driver to rev the engine and race around. Now that your driving instructor isn't around you are free to drive how you wish, right? Wrong. The speed limits are in place for a reason, and they should be followed at all times until it becomes a habit on the roads. If your need for speed is overpowering your sense of logic, then do other drivers, pedestrians, your friends and family a favor, don't do it at all, ever. Because nothing will quite put a dampener on your new found freedom like a speeding fine, or worse, a jail sentence. So leave the racing to the Formula 1 drivers and put into practice all that you have learned from your lessons.