BrandBacker Member Band of Shadows: A Supernatural Journey to Save the World from Dark

Band of Shadows: A Supernatural Journey to Save the World from the Dark

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hey, book babes! I've got a really good one for you! If you're the kind of reader that needs suspense, a little thrill, and a whole lot of mystery, BOS is certainly for you!

"Band of Shadows is the compelling story of Scarlet Pearce, a young girl who'll have to risk it all to uncover the truth about her past in order to fight for her future." - Hailey Waitt


It's a well-written, young-adult drama about a girl who has no idea who she is! That's a sentiment we can all relate to. At some point, we've all wondered who we are, where we come from, and why we're even here.


Que the saga that is Scarlet's life. She grew up in the foster system and never even knew her last name! Come to find out, she's a supernatural Faye that's destined to save the entire world from the dark. At seventeen, that's a lot of weight on your shoulders.


She finds her way to an uncharted world where she learns of her heritage and a war that nearly makes her the last of her kind. And as a new war is about to begin, she has to learn who to trust and keep discovering her past to protect everyone's future.




Take A Peek Inside The Saga: