BrandBacker Member So, You Wanna Be A Matchmaker? How to Properly Set Your Friends Up!

So, You Wanna Be A Matchmaker? How to Properly Set Your Friends Up!

Friday, April 19, 2019

There's always that one person in our lives that we feel we know the perfect match for their love life. But, do we really? Matchmaking requires us to really take the time to get to know our friends on a more intimate level. You have to be candid with each other and not afraid to be vulnerable. That's why matchmaking works. 

Think about if you were the one being set up. You'd want to be comfortable telling your inner most thoughts to someone. It's basically like therapy. You ask a ton of personal questions and hope the person who answers is honest. 


So, for those of us who think we have a little matchmaker in us and are constantly answering relationship questions from our single, dating, and it's complicated friends, try these steps the next time you get cornered at the bar with your friend who just can't seem to find Mr./ Mrs. Right.


Find Out What They Like

And, we're not talking about their favorite color, music, or restaurant. Dig deep and get the real details. Ask you girl what she truly looks for in a partner. You need to know what's the most important to her. Does she need a man who makes more money than her, or is she okay being the breadwinner? Does she love a man who can make her laugh, or does she want someone who's more serious and understanding?