BrandBacker Member 15 Signs You're Ready to Be a Parent

15 Signs You're Ready to Be a Parent

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

So, you’ve been talking about having children with your partner but you’re not sure if you’re ready. Everyone else is getting pregnant or already have small children and you’re starting to get broody. However, parenthood isn’t for everyone. Some may even say it’s the hardest job you could ever have. So how do you know if you’re ready to be a parent?


You Like Evenings In

You may enjoy a few drinks out with friends at the end of a long week, but you’re not opposed to staying in and watching a movie either. If you can happily spend time at home and not worry about what you’re missing out on during the weekend, you may be ready to be a parent. As a parent you won’t get as much time to spend with your friends and partying on the weekend will be at the bottom of your priority list. You won’t be able to go out without arranging a babysitter anymore, so it will make things easier if you can enjoy yourself at home.


You Don’t Mind Melt Downs

If you’ve seen a toddler have an epic melt down in the middle of a shopping mall and it hasn’t put you off the idea of having kids, you’re certainly on the right track. However, many couples thinking about having children make the mistake of assuming their own children won’t behave that way. That is never true. All children have public tantrums at some point, so it’s definitely something you’ll have to deal with eventually. If you can handle the thought of that, you’re probably ready to become a parent.


You’re Okay with Drinking Alone