BrandBacker Member The Pros and Cons of A High Excess Health Insurance Plan

The Pros and Cons of A High Excess Health Insurance Plan

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Is A High Excess International Health Insurance Plan Right for You?

There is certainly a lot to consider when picking an international medical insurance policy! From the level of cover to the insurer, you need to assess all aspects to ensure you select the right global health insurance plan for you! One vital area you need to think about is whether to go for a high excess plan or not.


What Is A High Excess Insurance Plan?

There is only one place to begin and this is by explaining what a high excess international health insurance plan is. Excess, which is also commonly referred to as deductible, is the amount you need to pay before your insurer is going to begin covering your medical expenses. Therefore, let’s say the excess on your policy is $2,000. If you suffer a medical emergency you will have to pay for $2,000 of it yourself before the insurance company pays for any of the medical expenses.


Making Your Decision

You are probably thinking well why would anyone go for a high excess plan when it means they have to spend more money? Well,