BrandBacker Member It's Time to DTR: How to Define Your New Relationship

It's Time to DTR: How to Define Your New Relationship

Friday, March 15, 2019

You never know how to start it, if it’s the right time, or if y’all are even on the same page. That “we need to talk” tone is inevitable but it’s what comes next that really scares you. The answer your new partner gives next could make or break what you two have only just begun. But, do you even know what you want? Are you truly ready for what you’re asking for, or does it just seem like the most logical step after the last few dates?


The most important factor in the dreaded DTR conversation is you. Y.O.U. Know what you want, ask for it, and don’t take an “I guess” or a “Maybe” for a sure thing. Being definitive and sticking to your truth is the only way to make it through and into the proper relationship.


Now, that doesn’t mean you have to label it. Labels don’t create what you have. But, when asked “what are we doing?” you should know exactly what you want. If you don’t, well these next few “labels” should help a bit.


One Night Stand

They get a bad rep and some people have never even had one. But, why be scared to say you’ve gotten everything you needed from this relationship?