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Bathroom Vanity Design 101 for the Girl Tired of Running Out of Counter Space

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Your vanity consists of the 2 essentials: the cabinet(s) and the sink(s). The vanity has been the topic of discussion for new home buyers for years now because without the proper fit for you and your family, you'll end up in countless, endless arguments about who takes up the most space. (Kind of like your bed!) The obvious benefits of the perfect vanity go without saying but there are other hidden advantages too, including the fact that they need to look stylish as hell to fit your personality.


Space is often a big problem for many when it comes to their bathroom. Most people’s bathrooms tend to be smaller in comparison to the other rooms in their home. Nevertheless, this is slightly ironic when you think about everything you can potentially put inside, including; a bath, a mirror, a shower, cabinets, a sink, a towel rack, and more. Because of this, you need to be very clever when you are planning the design of your bathroom. You need to think of ways to incorporate as much as possible without your bathroom looking cramped and cluttered.

Vanities offer one of the easiest and effective ways of making the best use of your bathroom space. After all, you are incorporating your washbasin and your cabinets as one. This will free up a substantial amount of floor space in the room.


Not only this, but it is worth bearing in mind that bathroom storage itself provides problems. People often have to mount cupboards to their walls and alike in order to find a method of storing all of their products. Vanities will provide you with more storage space than you otherwise would have likely had. Therefore, you have plenty of