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How You Can Have A Razor Sharp Mind

Sunday, December 16, 2018

We hear about how being physically fit is so important all the time in society. We know that we have to keep our weight down and maintain a certain level of composure and discipline to make sure we don’t put on too much size nor lose too much either. It's a bit of a balancing act that we participate in one way or another. Maybe because it's a visual cue, we take our physical health much more seriously than anything else. We know that if we can’t wear the clothes we bought last year, that maybe we are losing the way we want to look slowly.


So, we try hard to keep a cool head on things and go on a diet when we need to. However, if only we were so adamant in the same way about the health of our mind we might be in far better shape. We might also be able to explain why we sometimes lose our discipline in the first place. The strength of the mind is something that philosophers of all ages have been trying to unlock and expand. Yet maybe the answer lies in some key areas that all connect but are distinctly different.


The Checkerboard

No matter what your opinion is on the game, chess is by far one of the best things you can play for your mind’s health. You don’t have to be the next grandmaster that will beat everybody and make it look easy. However you should learn the game if you haven’t and start to play it on a regular basis. Chess helps with multiple things and gives our brain a workout. We need to think two or maybe three steps ahead, we need to plan our moves, we can only make moves that are within the strict rules, we need to make sure that we think of both attack and defence. You’ll need to be creative so your opponent cannot easily guess your moves. Studies have also shown that actually playing chess increases your IQ also. It also helps your memory as you need to have good foresight to know where your inactive pieces are as well as your active piece on the board.


All of these things mean that our minds are thinking of different layers of thought throughout the match. You will have a giant leap forward in your problem-solving skills that’s for sure, because you will see multiple issues coming up and try to find the best solutions to each in real-time. The great war generals of the past and present play chess regularly because it gives them the kind of basic thrill they need. You command pieces that have different abilities on the board and you have to calculate how much sacrifice you will make to attain victory. However once your pieces are off the board they are off and you cannot get them back. Hence why each of your moves must be thought out and the tenseness of only have one shot, makes the game very exciting and thrilling for your mind.



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