BrandBacker Member 3 Ways Your Diet Can Harm You

3 Ways Your Diet Can Harm You

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Food fuels your body. It’s no wonder that professional athletes need to stick to strict meal plans ahead of competitions and during their training periods. The body is, ultimately, a large machine that can turn the food you eat into energy and push further in an effort to become more performance – and make the most of its energy. In other words, you know already that the food you eat serves a physical purpose.


Additionally, unless you’ve been living under a stone for the past decades, you’re probably aware as well of how your meals can affect your mood. While it’s fair to say that you can’t fight off something as serious as depression with a plate of spaghetti, you can certainly boost your mood with smart treats, such as dark chocolate or even wild blueberries. The food in your plate can make you a stronger and happier individual.


But, if you fail to make the right choices, it can also cause you harm. Here are 3 surprising reasons why you might be feeling all over the place.

#1. Indulgence can be self-destructive.

Ah, Christmas parties and delicious party food. What’s not to like? The festive season is the first cause of weight loss resolutions. Indeed, most people tend to indulge during the holiday, from drinking too much to having second servings of unhealthy food – but it’s so yummy you can’t help yourself! The Christmas festivities put your guts at risk. You can’t expect excessive consumption of drinks or food to go unnoticed by your body. On the contrary, your immune system is immediately affected as your body doesn’t receive the necessary fuel to protect you from viruses and infections. Additionally, the accumulation of sugar can create an addictive sensation of rush throughout the holiday, which will dramatically affect your mood once you run out of treats.


#2. Stomach pains? Maybe you’ve got these conditions.

You might be trying to create a balanced diet, but you’re struggling with stomach cramps and painful digestion. Don’t be too eager to assume that the turkey was bad. You might, in fact, have a more serious health condition that affects your digestion. Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that is too often ignored by many sufferers who don’t know how to recognize