BrandBacker Member Knowing It's OK Not To Be OK All The Time

Knowing It's OK Not To Be OK All The Time

Thursday, November 8, 2018

It’s a very simple principle, but it’s something a lot of adults struggle with, no matter what generation they’re from or who they have around them. Whether you’ve got a very bad habit, or the changes in the seasons is really starting to get you down, or your partner isn’t as loving as they used to be and you don’t know how to handle it - it’s perfectly OK for you to admit these things aren’t sitting well with you.


We like to think we’re proactive, practical people who can take on the world, but we can’t always be in that state of mind. So in your quest to let yourself be a little more at peace with your place in the world, here’s why it’s OK for you not to be OK.


We’ve all been sat in a position much like this, probably on a regular basis at some time in our lives.


It Helps to Show What’s Wrong in Life

Of course, if you have a case of depression, or you’ve been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness before now, things aren’t so straightforward. You have to battle against your own mind day in and day out, and you’re starting to get a little tired of unhelpful suggestions from friends and family. But all in all, if you can route the source of your sadness, or even when your depression started, you can start to formulate ideas about what went wrong.


Sometimes it’s an obvious factor, such as losing your job or coming out of a long term relationship, but a lot of the time it’s far more complex than that. So cast your mind back, remember what was happening, and then write down the difficulties you were facing. When you know about them, you can take active steps to avoid them ever happening again, or you can start to work on making your peace with them.