BrandBacker Member The One-Stop-Shop for Every Kid in Your Life This Holiday Season

The One-Stop-Shop for Every Kid in Your Life This Holiday Season

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Remember when it was the end of May and your kids, nieces, nephews and students were just itching to run out those school doors screaming for summer fun? Well, SURPRISE, it’s now fall, school has started back up and we’re all being thrust into the end-of-year holiday countdown we all equally loathe and enjoy.


The start of the holiday rush reminds us that we haven’t quite kept up with our year-long present list like we thought we would. Gifts have fallen to the back burner because, “Oh, it’s only June.” but now it’s October, fall birthdays are fast-approaching, Christmas is on the cusp of arrival and let’s not even talk about the new year! (Whew!)


I know you’re probably getting ready to pull every last hair out of your head just with this small reminder of what you’ve forgotten to do for the darling, little babes you have in your life, but it’s alright, because ToonStyle has you covered.


ToonStyle is the place you go shop for the pajamas, backpacks, clothes and accessories covered in the characters the kids in your life are obsessed with. The dad behind the website was probably just as fed up as you when he created it. Scouring the internet for a glimpse of the character your kids want is no way to live. You’re never getting those hours back but this year can be different.


The name of the game is bringing all the popular franchise character merchandise to one corner of the internet. It wasn’t a simple task but someone had to do it! This team of two lifelong friend who already marvel in their own fandoms created a one-stop-shop for every mom, dad, auntie, uncle, sibling and play cousin that shares in the same struggle. Our kids change their minds every few months. One day it’s Harry Potter (I mean, everyday it’s Harry Potter. Let’s be real), another day it’s American Horror Story (Should they really be watchi