BrandBacker Member Security Hacks for Your Home: Winter Is Coming

Security Hacks for Your Home: Winter Is Coming

Friday, October 5, 2018

Now that we have left summer behind and are well into autumn, most of us are looking forward to the biggest party season of the year and events like Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas with our family and friends. During this time of year our home become full to the brim with decorations, gifts and food. And although this is great for us, it can make us more of a target for robbers. Robbers use the dark nights and holiday season as a perfect hunting ground and this can leave us much more vulnerable to robbery.


Here are some ways to make sure your home stays safe and secure during the festive period.



Update the Doors and Windows

The first thing you can think about doing to make the home safer is to take a look at your windows and doors. We often don’t think about the quality of our windows and doors, but these are the easiest ways for people to enter our house by force. Make sure you look into window replacement options and choose sturdy frames for the best results. You can change the locks on your doors or buy heavy duty ones if you prefer to make sure your home is safe.