BrandBacker Member How To Calm Your Worried Mind and Reduce Anxiety

How To Calm Your Worried Mind and Reduce Anxiety

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

There can't be many of us who can say they have never felt anxious. There are some things everybody worries about at some point, and the consequences are those tense, nervous headaches, butterflies in our bellies, and sleepless nights lying awake with 'what ifs' inside our mind.

Some of us are more prone to anxiety than others, but within the rigours of life, there are times when anxiety can hit any of us. The trick is in knowing what to do when are faced with the symptoms of this dreaded problem. How can we restore our fraught mind into the calm state that existed before stress and anxiety started to take over?


#1: List the things that are causing you stress.

The act of getting your stressors down on paper will give you perspective. By identifying them, you can then create a strategy to deal with whatever is going on in your life.


#2: Practice meditation.

This is about distracting you from the matters that are filling you with anxiety. It focusses your thoughts on the here and now, centering you in a place that is beyond the stress you are feeling. Follow these meditation techniques the next time your mind is a whirlwind of anxious thoughts, and you may be able to control those negative emotions.