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Moving in Together: Cohabitation Advice for You and Your Significant Other

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

When we embark on adult relationships, most us do so with the big stuff in mind. We may have been happy to waste time when we were young, but anyone dating in their twenties is probably looking for something long-lasting. And, the first stop on that checklist is often moving in together.


If you’re talking about this, it’s a sure sign your relationship is serious, and that you may have finally found the one. The trouble is, moving in together is a process which can make or break a relationship. Newly moved in couples can fall into the trap of arguing about all manner of things. It may be that you have uneven levels of cleanliness, for instance. Even differences in television habits cause ruptures. Perhaps most dangerous of all are arguments about furniture.

If you’re moving into your partner’s apartment, or if they’re moving into yours, you’ll be fitting two houses worth of stuff into one space. That’s not practical, so something has to give. But, if one partner expects the other to give up all their stuff, it’ll lead to arguments faster than you know. Instead, you need to merge your lives in a fair, fun way.

Decide on Duplicates with Reason
It’s inevitable that you’ll have duplicates of certain things. We all have things like beds, fridges, and sofa sets. But, there’s no way you can fit duplicates of these into your apartment. Still, expecting your partner to get rid of their new memory foam mattress without question isn't fair. Instead, then, keep this fair. In the case of duplicates, approach things logically. Decide which you keep based on things like quality, age, and even just how good each option looks. Then, contact a company like
Ohio Junk Force to take the spares away. This is a practical way to deal with an emotional issue. Rather than pulling you apart, this could bring you together through joint problem-solving.