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Interior Design Ideas For the Outdoor Lover

Friday, September 21, 2018


If you love nothing more than going for a long work in the countryside, whipping on your crampons for a spot of mountain climbing or simply enjoy venturing off on leisurely cycle rides, your heart may belong in the great outdoors. The fresh air, the thrill of being outside and the joy of being close to nature is what you live for. However, being human and needing a place to rest your weary bones at the end of a jam packed day outdoors means that you eventually have to succumb to heading indoors. Many people who prefer being outside hate the feeling of being cooped up between four walls. To lessen the discomfort, why not consider bringing the outdoors inside? Take a look at these three simple ways to make your interior more conducive to the great outdoors.



There’s nothing that screams outdoors more than having a bit of foliage and fauna indoors. This doesn’t mean dotting a pot plant here and there, and buying a fresh bunch of flowers each week. You can use greenery to add to your integral home decor. Purchase a Yucca or two, consider floral prints for a feature wall and decorate your space with a natural palette emulating the scenery you see outside your window. Consider shades of green, magnolia hues and delicate yellows to bring the outside in. In your living area, you might relish taking care of a plant or two and looking up from the sofa to see a natural mural on your wall. It’s your living space so make it conducive to your outdoor lifestyle.