BrandBacker Member These Things Are Stopping You Living Your Best Life!

These Things Are Stopping You Living Your Best Life!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Are you living your best life? It's a hard question to answer, and for some of us, in particular, there may be specific things that are blocking our way. Don't panic though, because identifying roadblocks is the first step to clearing them and embracing the life that best fits your values and goals.



One thing that may be stopping you from achieving your full potential and living the best version of your life is perfectionism. Sadly this is something that can often be perceived as a positive trait, especially by employers because it gives the impression that you are diligent and detail oriented.


However, perfectionism can actually be hugely harmful to your career and life in general. It can even be so severe as to cripple the individual, preventing them from starting anything new or completing a project because they are worried that their efforts will not be good enough.


Of course, if we step back for just a moment and consider whether perfectionism serves us, we can see that in an imperfect world, it doesn't. However, for those of us with these tendencies, it can be a long road full of self-compassion that finally allows us to let the idea of perfect and reveal a more practical version of our best life that is underneath.


An Addiction

Is addiction stopping you living your best life?


Another issue that can stand in the way of you living your best life is Addiction. Addiction comes in many forms, from drugs, to work, to food, but the route of the problem is often the same as it can act as a form of self-comfort and protection from having to feel painful emotions.



Happily, addition is a condition that is supremely treatable if you find the right help. Those with alcohol or drug addictions can find women's sober living facility useful. This is because it allows them to focus solely on their recovery without the pressure of the rest of life.


Alternatively, you may wish to enroll yourself on an outpatient program and combine this with therapist visits. Something that should not only help you to wean yourself off of your addiction, but also give you the coping strategies you need to deal with difficult situations and emotions. Something that can help you stay clean and embrace your best life without being reliant on a substance or habit.


Your Circle

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