BrandBacker Member When Work Is No Longer Work: Turning A Hobby Into A Career

When Work Is No Longer Work: Turning A Hobby Into A Career

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hobbies are often things that we do in our leisure time to bring us personal joy, but some people have found ways of turning these hobbies into careers. This could allow you to spend every day doing the thing you love and getting paid for it. There are obstacles to turning a hobby into a career that can make it very difficult in some cases.


Competing for Cash or Prizes

Various competitions offer prize money whilst in other elite cases people may be sponsored to compete. This could be anything from a chilli eating competition to a paid gaming event to a sporting league. Competitive events are by far the hardest way to turn a hobby into a career and suited only for those who really feel they have the skills to go pro. You may even need to invest in coaching in the case of sports. That said, you may be able to find a niche in which you can use your hobbyist talents to make a bit of money on the side.


Starting a Hobby-Based Business

This is the most straightforward way to make money with your hobby. It could include selling arts or crafts that you’ve made, or it could involve starting a club in which you pass your knowledge onto others. In the case of selling crafts, you may have to be sure that you can afford certain startup costs such as buying materials and machinery to help speed up production. In the case of starting a club, you may need to look into qualifications such as a tennis instructor’s certificate at USNTA. On top of this you may need to look into branding. This could include packaging for crafts from a company such as Slice Design