BrandBacker Member The Real Dangers Of A Bad Boss

The Real Dangers Of A Bad Boss

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Many of us have experience of a truly bad boss. Not only are they a constant source of stress, but they are negligent, meaning that the team has to constantly shoulder more of the burden than they should. But besides being unpleasant, bad bosses can be a real risk not just to your career but even to your health. What are some of the unforeseen complications or working with that kind of person in charge?


Getting Put in a Dead End

Many employees will put up with a bad boss for the sake of their career, but what if this career offers nothing more than a paycheck? Bosses who don’t recognize the value and potential of their employees are much more likely to sideline them and to simply keep them in the position they are currently in for the sake of convenience. If you aren’t getting any training or growth in your career, then you need to start looking at moving to a new job. It’s easier said than done, of course, but people already in employment tend to have a better chance of landing a new role.


The Real Risks to Your Health

Negligent leaders might not just negligent when it comes to your work, but to their other duties and responsibilities, too. The most important of all? Ensuring your safety. If they’re not carrying out the essential workplace health and safety checks or training you and your colleagues to recognize them, you may find yourself in need of a workers compensation attorney. What’s more, if they’re a toxic component in the workplace, they are less likely to notice the toxicity of other members of the team. This can lead to an environment rife with harassment.