BrandBacker Member 4 Unexpected Ways To Make Your Car Greener

4 Unexpected Ways To Make Your Car Greener

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Why is it that we choose to buy hybrid and electric vehicles? Is it because we yearn to live on the cutting edge of technology? Is it because we want to back innovation and enterprise with our hard earned money? Is it because we want to reduce our running cost as well as our reliance on fossil fuels. Is it because of all of these reasons and more? Whatever motivates us to buy electric or hybrid, we likely do so with sustainability and eco friendliness in mind. We want to do what we can for our planet in the only way that makes sense in a consumer capitalist society… through the purchases we make. But buying a more economic car is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eco friendly driving. There are actually a plethora of ways in which all drivers, no matter what vehicle they park in their driveway, can take steps to make their car greener…


With Your Windshield

Chips and scratches are an inevitability when you spend a lot of time on the road. If left unattended they can make your windshield unsafe and lead to cracks which can render it unsound and dangerous. Yet, before we rush to our favorite windshield replacement specialists, it’s important to know the greenest way to address the issue. In many cases, repairing a windshield is more eco friendly (and cheaper than replacing it outright. Moreover, if a replacement is necessary you can source your own windshield made from recycled glass and get your trusted specialist to fit it.

In Your Trunk

Your trunk (or rather, what you put in it) is worth addressing whether you drive an electric or hybrid car or especially if you still drive a car that runs on fossil fuels. When you carry excess weight by leaving more in your trunk than you need, your engine has to work harder to compensate. This either means burning more fossil fuels or placing disproportionate wear on your battery. In either case, it’s fart more eco friendly to travel only with what you need.


Keep Checking Your Tires are Properly Inflated

It’s good practice anyway, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time on the road, but