BrandBacker Member Is This Why You Can’t Get Your Color Scheme Right?

Is This Why You Can’t Get Your Color Scheme Right?

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Color is essential as it makes a house a home. With the right scheme, you have the foundation to stamp your authority on the interior. Think of it like a vivid roadmap which guides your decisions in the future. Unfortunately, Google isn’t on hand to help in this instance and can’t direct you to your destination. Color is personal and this is a journey you need to take alone.


Still, there are a few general rules which always apply. Fall foul of them and your home will never seem right. With that in mind, here are 4 mistakes you may be making.


Not Coordinating

Society today is eclectic, and this reflects in a person’s home. People are constantly trying new things, trying to get them to work to stand out from the crowd. By all means, let your creative side loose yet keep some basic color laws in mind. As the rhyme goes, red and green should never be seen. For the most part, you will want to merge light and dark to create a contrast. Or, you can go mess around with neutral hues. Regardless, keep in mind which shades work well and which ones clash. This guide can help if you need inspiration.


Too Much Too Soon

To make a statement, the walls might be covered in every color of the rainbow. In big, sweeping properties, this is doable because of the extra space. In a small house, it’s tough to pull off as there isn’t enough room. What happens is that the colors merge into one and look nauseating. It’s far better to pick one or two shades and use them strategically. In fact, a color scheme with one hue is very effective as long as different textures and materials accompany it. For instance, you can tile part of the wall and paint the rest.

Doing It Yourself

It’s your home and you have to live there, but you’re not an expert. It’s a dilemma to get right because you want to have a say, yet you need inspiration. So, it’s generally a wise move to hire interior painters and ask