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How to Raise Happy and Confident Kids

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

We all want our kids to be happy and confident, but life’s little challenges often prevent us from doing our best. You will have to think ahead in time and make sure that your kids would cope without you if you fell ill or had to work long hours. Kids who are well prepared for the challenges of adult life are more likely to succeed in whatever they set out doing later in life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to give your kids guidance as well as the space to grow. If you want your kids to achieve their goals, chances are you don’t want to do everything for them. Below you will find a few tips on how to raise confident and happy kids.


Make Them Self-Sufficient

Your kids are not small adults; they still have loads to learn. However, if you can encourage them to make their own small decisions from an early age, they are more likely to develop the self confidence they need to get over difficulties in life. Whether you are teaching them how to make a sandwich in the morning, clean their room, or manage information overload, they will be happier when they grow older and have to face increased pressures.


Keep Them Safe

For a child, a safe home environment is essential for growth. You need to make sure that your relationship is strong and you keep arguments out of view. You don’t want to traumatize your kids just because you don’t agree on a small thing. You owe your children the responsibility to make your relationship work. It is important that you both agree on safeguarding the kids, so you can take action whenever you need to, and don’t end up arguing over the actions later.


Educate Them About Relationships

You might think that kids don’t understand relationships until they are 16-18. In fact, they will make friends in nursery and get disappointed by some people even at an early age. If you can prepare them for the disappointment and help them find out who their real friends are, you will save them from a lot of heartache later on. While it will be getting harder to tell your kids about healthy relationships when they become teens, it is not impossible.


Let Them Mix with Older People

Kids will learn a lot from older people. If you want them to gain life experience and find out more about how things work, you might want them to mix with older people. Let them stay with their grandparents every now and then, and encourage relationships with elderly neighbors. If your kids learn how to respect the elderly, they will understand life better and get on easier with people from different walks of life.


Teach Them Responsibility

You shouldn’t make every decision for your kids, and increase the number of decisions they need to make as they grow older. First, you can let them what to wear in the morning, then you can give them options when to do their homework; before or after watching their favorite shows. Finally, you can allow them to choose a sport to take on; don’t be a pushy soccer mom; let them ch