BrandBacker Member A Summer Life Plan: Great Habits To Form During Your Time Off

A Summer Life Plan: Great Habits To Form During Your Time Off

Friday, August 24, 2018

Whether you only get the weekends off work or you’ve booked off a couple of weeks to relax with your family, summer is the perfect time to start making some changes to your life. The sun is shining, and everybody’s in a good mood. Make the most of this joy and motivation by making some resolutions to form better habits in your life. Who said resolutions have to be made in January? You can improve your life at any time you want. But summer is a great time to make a start because you (probably) have more free time than usual. In this article, we’re going to discuss some great habits to form during your time off work. This guide can serve as your summer life plan (and that plan should continue into every following season, of course).


Sort out your fitness and dietary routine.

For starters, you should take a look at your fitness and dietary routine. Maybe you work out a lot, or maybe you never work out at all. Either way, you need to think about your health in the long-term. Are you exercising enough to maintain a consistently good level of physical health? The key is to stay regularly physically active. It’s great to have a gym membership, but 5-hour sessions aren’t going to produce real results if you only have them every couple of weeks. It’s better to do a little bit of exercise on a daily basis. You’ll find it less stressful too. 10 minutes of jogging every day could do wonders for your health. That sounds like nothing, but it’ll make a big difference. And it’s such a short workout routine that you won’t make excuses to avoid it (like you do if you try to motivate yourself before a big gym session). Plus, the more you exercise, the more you’ll want to do it. Physical activity releases endorphins in the brain; that makes you feel happier and more energetic.


As for your diet, consistency is also the key. In fact, that’s the key to maintaining all aspects of your health. Forget fad diets. It’s incredibly unhealthy to restrict your eating for a few weeks to slim down quickly. Rather than simply aiming to eat less food, you should aim to eat less junk food. Calories aren’t the enemy; you just need to avoid empty calories. Make sure you’re getting the sustenance you need from the food you do eat. Obviously, it’s important to keep your meals small (you can still end up overeating healthy food), but you have to make sure that they’re packed with all the protein, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, and other vitamins or minerals your body needs. That way, you’ll make those small meals count. If your excuse for failing to sort out your diet is that you’ve been “too busy” then use your time off work to finally sort out your eating habits.


Fix your sleeping pattern.

You should also start sleeping properly. It’s easy to give yourself excuses for a poor sleeping pattern when you’re a busy person. With the demands of the modern world, many of us end up going to bed late and getting up early. And everybody has different needs. Some people can be well-rested after 6 hours or sleep, but others need as many as 9 hours of sleep. The average is usually around 8, and that should be your goal. If you’re sleeping for fewer hours than that and you’re feeling sleep-deprived then it’s time to make a change.


Make it your goal over summer to