BrandBacker Member Struggling To Find A Job? Try These Steps!

Struggling To Find A Job? Try These Steps!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

It’s horrible when you reach a point in your life where your career just comes to a standstill. For some, this happens right at the beginning when you’re looking for a first job. For others, it happens midway through their career where work just dries up, and you can’t seem to get hired again.


Either way, if you’re struggling to find a job, then you should try doing these things to improve your chances of being hired. (Couldn't hurt, right?)


Read Plenty Of Blogs

I’m not just saying this because I have a blog with advice on how you can enhance your career prospects! No, I’m suggesting it because you can gain a lot from reading blogs online. Ones like my own will give you loads of tips on how to find a job, but you should also read a recruitment blog that’s aimed at employers hiring people as well. Why? Because blogs like these help you see what recruiters are looking for. You’ll see what they want, which enables you to alter your approach to tick all the right boxes. Plus, reading blogs will always help you gain plenty of new knowledge! You could also substitute this for watching YouTube videos if you don’t really have the attention span for reading blogs all the time. Regardless, just consuming information is one of the best things you can do to find a job.


Attend A Resume Workshop

What’s one of the main things that recruiters look at when they’re trying to hire people? Their resume! If yours isn’t good enough, then you ultimately will fall at the first hurdle every time. The problem is, there is so much resume advice out there, and a lot of it is very conflicting. One of the best things you can do - if you’ve been struggling to get a job for ages - is go to