BrandBacker Member 5 Roadblocks Which Will Stop Your House From Selling

5 Roadblocks Which Will Stop Your House From Selling

Monday, August 13, 2018

*This is not advice from a realtor. Please consult a local real estate agent before starting the home buying, selling  or leasing process.*


You’ve taken a courageous step and decided to move. Although it seems like an everyday activity, it takes guts because it’s stressful and scary. There is nothing as intimidating as trying to set up a new home and better your life. So, congratulations are in order. Hopefully, it works out as intended and everything goes smoothly.


Sometimes, the picture perfect move doesn’t happen as the house doesn’t sell. Now, this is incredibly frustrating when you have had an offer accepted and a new home and need the money. And, there isn’t a great deal you can do. After all, it isn’t as if a seller can force a buyer into a purchase. Sorry, but it’s illegal.


Nope, all you can do is sit and wait and cross your fingers… has it sold yet? No, it hasn’t because there are roadblocks in the way turning off interested parties. To get the wheels turning, you need to remove the hurdles and gain some traction. Here are five things you can try to raise interest in your property which doesn’t include waiting around.


Change The Price

It’s human nature to try and milk every penny out of a sale. You need as much money as possible to put towards your new life in a new property. The problem is that there is always a house which is as appealing that isn’t as expensive. When this happens, yours sticks out like a sore thumb for being overpriced. As soon as buyers realize this, they will avoid it like the plague. They also bypass homes which they think are undervalued because it seems dodgy.


To find the perfect balance, you have to research the market. Keep it local as the houses for sale in the vicinity are the competition. Schedule a viewing and take a look around and note the features. How many bedrooms are there? Is there a garden? Is it very similar to your property? If the answer to the last question is yes, you can use it as a base pricing-wise.


Alternatively, ask various, unbiased realtors to provide a range. Take the ones which pop up the most frequently and find the middle ground in between.


Add Value

The price may be fine yet people are more interested in rival properties. How can this be? It’s because the competition has extras which your house doesn’t have, and they are turning heads. Probably the best example is a garage. With crime on the rise, homeowners are worried about Grand Theft Auto and criminal damage. Thanks to a garage, there is better peace of mind. Plus, it can change from a storage unit into a room with little fuss.


Knocking up an annex is drastic considering the price and the timeframe, so you need to keep it simple. And, basic is lucrative. Take a look at this Country Living post if you are unsure. It points out that knocking down a non-load-bearing wall and opening up the kitchen can add as much as $50