BrandBacker Member Creating A Colorful Summer Garden

Creating A Colorful Summer Garden

Monday, August 6, 2018

If you have a house, one of the most amazing thing you will notice during the summer is the fact that your garden comes to life. There will be plants which appear in the space that you have never seen before, you will see lots of colors and textures, and the whole space will feel amazing. If you have a fairly small garden or you are new to gardening, you might not have a varied garden yet. If you want to add some color and make the space feel alive all year long, here are some of the things you can do.


Visual Stimulus

The first thing you can do in the garden is create some visual stimulus for everyone in the family. If you or anyone else in the family struggles with their eyesight and needs an eye exam, you might be able to help them train their eyes by creating a visually stunning garden. Think of grasses for texture, a brightly colored shed, and lots of features such as a pond and a trellis.


Cottage Seed Mix

If you aren’t versed in gardening and you want a simple way to get lots of color and styles into your garden with minimal effort, you can buy a cottage seed mix. This will include flowers such as cornflowers and poppies and will flower around July. All you need to do is clear a space in your garden, sprinkle the seeds and cover them with a little bit of compost. Give them a water and leave them for a few weeks and you will soon have a garden full to the brim with color.


Bright Shrubbery

There are some more hardy plants that you can also add into the garden which will give you some stunning colors at different times of the year. For example in April and May you can enjoy the bloom of a rhododendron which come in colors ranging from red to orange to purple and pink. In June and July you can look forward to the bloom of a hydrangea which will change colou from blue to pink depending on the acidity of your soil. And finally in July and August you can enjoy the bloom of a buddleia which comes in a range of pinks and purples.  



A fun and unique way to add some color in your garden without planting anything is to hang up some artwork. You can find garden proof artwork online and in many garden centres and you can hang up a stunning canvas of a sunset, an animal or the seaside right in your backyard. It will bring some lovely color and atmosphere to your garden.


Stunning Trees
There are many trees which you can plant in your garden which give different colors all year long. Of course, we often associate those stunning reds and oranges with autumn, however there are some trees which bloom in these colors throughout the year. The
Acer Palmatum for example comes in many different forms and you can have leaves which are bright orange, yellow and deep red. They also change to a brighter color in the autumn so you will have stunning colors all year long!