BrandBacker Member 3 Ways To Run A Socially Responsible Business

3 Ways To Run A Socially Responsible Business

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly important for businesses because consumer’s priorities are changing. If you haven’t heard the term before, it refers to the way that a company operates and how it fits into the wider community. Things like environmental responsibility, charity work in the local area and good working practices are all important. Consumers are often willing to pay more money for a product if they’re confident that the company that makes it treat their employees well and they’re manufacturing products in a way that limits damage to the environment. If you haven’t considered it before and you think that you might be behind the curve, you need to start making changes if you want to stay relevant in the current business climate. These are the easiest ways to improve corporate social responsibility right now.



There aren’t that many people that don’t recycle and any companies that don’t are going to look pretty bad. In recent months, the issue of plastic has been in the news because of the damage that it’s doing to the oceans. You should try to cut down on your plastic usage and replace it with environmentally friendly alternatives where possible, and make sure that you’re recycling the rest. If you use a lot of boxes and paper around the office, get yourself some PHS Wastekit Cardboard Balers to help you manage it all. Don’t try to take shortcuts by just throwing it all away, it’ll only come back to bite you. Any company that is seen to be taking steps to reduce the amount of waste they produce is always going to gain favour with consumers. After you’ve made the changes, don’t forget to boast about it on your social media accounts so people know that you’re a responsible company.


Sustainable Packaging

The materials you use in the office are important, but you need to pay extra attention to the packaging that you use for your products. When they’re browsing, potential customers are going to take notice; if they see a load of plastic, that might be a reason for them to avoid buying your products. But if they see recyclable materials, they’ll be inclined to buy from you rather than your competitors. Often, it’ll cost you a little bit more to produce this environmentally friendly packaging but if consumers see that you’ve made that sacrifice, it tells them that you’re not just driven by profits, you also care about being a responsible company.


Local Charity Partnerships

Putting something back into the local community is one of the most effective ways to show potential customers that you’re a responsible business, that’s why charity partnerships are so good. Posts about charity work are also likely to get a lot of engagement on social media which is the key to online success. Larger charities are still good but people like to see companies that are invested in the cities that they choose to set up in so you’ll get a better response if you can find a local charity to work with.


If you don’t take steps to show potential customers that you’re a socially responsible company, you’ll struggle to increase sales, so get on with it right away.