BrandBacker Member 3 Projects to Help You Get Back in Touch with Yourself

3 Projects to Help You Get Back in Touch with Yourself

Monday, July 30, 2018

Have you ever had the uncomfortable, sneaking suspicion that you’ve started to lose touch with yourself? Maybe you used to an energetic, outgoing person, but the constant demands of work have left you a bit jaded, and you’ve stopped looking at the world around you with the kind of bright-eyed wonder that used to come so easily?


But, what should you do if you feel that you’re losing control of your life, and are losing track of the kind of person you want to become?


It’s a strange irony that we will happily life home builders for the fantastic job they can do on turning our living spaces into more comfortable, more functional, more aesthetically pleasing areas, while often neglecting the inner-landscape of our thoughts, ambitions, emotions, and desires.


If you’ve decided that now is the time for a change, here are a few projects you can undertake in order to get back in touch with yourself.


Remove the clutter from your life and focusing on the real essentials.


A major part of the feeling of helplessness and uncertainty which hits more or less all of us from time to time, is simply being overwhelmed by too much clutter and chaos.


This clutter can certainly take the form of physical clutter in our homes — as a messy environment seems closely tied to a messy mind — but it can also take the form of psychological clutter. We have too many things on our plate, we want to achieve a bunch of different goals, and have a bunch of different experiences, but there’s so much “stuff” for us to focus on that we get swamped.


Set yourself the task of reducing “clutter” in all areas of your life, and re-focusing on the essentials. What are the one, or two, things you most want out of life, and that you most need to focus on right now?


Find more “low-tech”, offline time to restore your sense of perspective.


We’re all essentially plugged into The Matrix these days, and although the internet and digital tech provide many incredible benefits in terms of our freedom to craft our lives and express ourselves, they can also contribute to the constant mental chatter.


By finding low-tech ways to spend some of your time, you can help to create the space needed for meaningful reflection and growth.