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Saving Big On Your Dream Home Remodel

Friday, July 20, 2018

For many of us, owning our dream home is not as straightforward as finding the perfect place and moving straight in. When there are complicated factors to consider the picture changes slightly. One of the most common is finance. We may see the perfect home for our needs, but can we afford it? One way around this is to take on a project - moving into a home that perhaps doesn’t tick every box, but has bags of potential, and then taking on the work to transform it into the home of our dreams. This can be an exciting time - every dimension and finish can be to your own specification, and you are adding value to what is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make - but it can also have its downsides, including the daunting task of project management and the cost of the renovation itself. Luckily, there are ways to save on a home remodel. With a little inside knowledge, you can reduce the cost by thousands, while still getting the home you want. Read on for some top tips to save cash, but still get the home of your dreams…


Go For a Great Space, Not a Large Space

When it comes to kitchens and family spaces, we tend to automatically think ‘the bigger the better’. But simply adding square footage to your home often isn’t the best or the only way you can improve the design and make a functional and luxurious space. In fact, if you already have a garden on the small side, taking space away from that to add to the inside of the house can often be counter-productive. So before you start knocking walls down, take a moment to rethink the layout and your other options. If you have a lot of shelving in a kitchen, consider replacing this with sleek cabinetry. Not only will this hide clutter effectively, and give the impression of much more space, but it will add functionality to the room by increasing your storage options. Outfit your cabinets with smart storage solutions, such as pull out corner racks, dividers and lazy susans,  and you’ll be able to get even more space out of the same square footage - all without having to go to the expense and hassle of commissioning major building work. That has to be worth a try!


Let There Be Light

Often, a complaint with older houses is that they appear dark and suffer from a lack of natural light. Having a light-filled home is something that can really promote your wellbeing - but there are ways other than adding a glass extension that you can introduce a lighter, brighter feel. First of all, consider replacing solid internal doors with ones that include a glass panel - this allows light from the source to flood through the interior. If you like you can even go for semi-opaque glazing to retain privacy through the rooms. Having a joiner to fit new internal doors can save thousands over adding in windows. Secondly, consider whether your property would be suitable for adding ‘light tubes’